Dr. sc. Dragutin Lederer

Dragutin Lederer is a Business Excellence Consultant in LEAN-LED-CONSULTING. During his career he was responsible for the development and production of new global products and hold strategic positions of a technical domain including production, production technology, production planning & preparation process, and R&D. His experience includes leading a project of a “Greenfield” Factory build, setting the common KPI implementation for the company group level, building master plans of Lean Manufacturing including implementation and training on all level of employees.

During his work, he performed on a very high level introducing operational excellence in all plants. In particular, taking the production to the next level of performance and optimizing operational processes and inventory levels were areas in which he delivered measurable results that contributed significantly to increasing the company’s overall competitive position.

Due to his long experience in Lean Manufacturing, he took part in several international conferences in Croatia with the contributions made regarding this matter.


Lean Thinking and “Lean State of Mind” are not only spreading in existing and new industries: They also have an increasingly profound influence by enhancing our professional work and daily routine. The more our work is linked to industrialization, the more critical it is to transform our work and to adjust it to the newest industrial situation. The recent “Industry 4.0” changes our work in a revolutionary way. It does not replace it!

In the past, when talking about industrial added value, what was meant was mainly the reduction of wastefulness. Today, what is meant is ecological sustainability and, more recently, in conjunction with Industry 4.0, optimum networking. The decentralized regulation and integration of intelligent objects that accompany Industry 4.0 represent a revolutionary paradigm shift with the focus still being on waste-free processes.

The underlying hypothesis of creating leaner and waste-free processes by digital networking and of enhancing resource efficiency from an economical, psychological, and lastly also ecological point of view can only be successfully realized using Lean Thinking and “Lean State of Mind.”

Implementation of more high tech production and digital transformation, increasing technology of production processing and machining to reduce the costs and increase the capacity, is always depending on company investment ability. Implementation of Lean and company lean conversion process depends on people with mostly no needs for high investment and often bringing more efficiency in production than new or upgraded equipment. The lean conversion of the company has to be on the side with any new investment and has to be considered before it. Already established Lean Processes are the precondition for a successful implementation of Industry 4.0. 

The presentation will emphasize the crucial importance of Lean Thinking for Industry 4.0. A selection of available Lean tools for the Lean transformation process and the possible effects of their implementation will be presented. Further, it will be shown which problems hinder the lean transformation and what is essential to consider achieving the best results in a lean conversion process.

The case studies will show what is achievable using the Lean tools, always having in mind that the lean conversion is a never-ending improvement process based on lean thinking and lean state of mind of both: managers and shop floor staff.


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