Athena Talks: athematics learning as the art of transitioning across discourses

We are delighted in Ελληνικό Μεσογειακό Πανεπιστήμιο – Hellenic Mediterranean University to host tomorrow at ATHENA Talks (in collaboration with the Innovative Teaching Education in Mathematics – iTEM, Pythagoras Erasmus, @ MathDigger Erasmus projects and omathimatikos.gr) Professor Igor Kontorovich  from The University of Auckland, New Zealand.

The title of tomorrow’s talk March 9th at 10.00 CET will be: Mathematics learning as the art of transitioning across discourses.

More about the talk & the speaker can be found here:


If you wish to receive the zoom link, please follow the link below:


We will be pleased to have you with us.

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