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Higher education study programme Engineering and Vehicles

Cycle and type of programme

1st Cycle Higher Professional Study Programme

Duration: three years (six terms), 180 ECTS

There are three modules students can choose from.

Type of programme and place:

full and part-time studies, Novo mesto | distance learning

Professional title:

Bachelor's of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering

abbreviated to dipl.inž.str. (VS)

Basic aims of the study programme

The basic aim of the study programme Engineering and Vehicles is to educate graduates who will be able to find employment and be competent to carry out tasks in all structures of economy in the field of production, technology, development, overall quality, maintenance and marketing. A graduate will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to work on technical engineering field. He/she will acquire technical, technological, information, organisational and economics knowledge and knowledge of methods of research and development work.

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