The Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FINI) works in close cooperation with high-technological companies in process-oriented industries (e.g. automobile, pharmaceuticals, wood-processing, welding etc.). Many lecturers from industry as well as acknowledged higher-education educators and researchers are involved in the study programme. The study programme Engineering and Vehicles  provides knowledge and competences that are priorities in all developmental strategies in product and technology R&D, quality, and engineering work. Visit us and give us the opportunity to develop a partnership with you.

The Faculty of Industrial Engineering strives to transfer knowledge that is based on research work and attempts to constantly improve in the field of product and technology development, quality and engineering work in all spheres of industry. FINI is actively involved in research projects and aims at developing new concrete projects in cooperation with many strategic partners from the economic sector.

Our research is driven through our Institute for scientific-research, which is listed in the Slovenian Research Agency’s database of research institutes and organizations under the number 6314-107-2010/4. FINI’s teachers and researchers in close cooperation with partners in the economic sector have participated in research projects, such as:

  • VarEV (safe ecological headrests) no. P-SRRP09/I/11, with TPV, d.d.
  • TRAILER TP MIR 08-09/55/06, (developing a prototypical platform for light trailers, with TPV, d.d.
  • International project ZERO WASTE (developing an integrated Zero Waste system for handling waste with the purpose of decreasing waste; the project was partially financed by European Regional Developmental Fund resources through the programme Mediterranean.
  • Optimization of machine construction parameters with Karlovac University of Applied Sciences.
  • SiEVA (benchmarking safe headrests, researching the anthropology of passengers in vehicles, etc) financed by the Ministry of Economic Development.
  • International project SPRINT  (encouraging economic development and competition by connecting businesses with scientific research institutes financed through the Operational program of cross-border development and partially financed by EU through IPA.
  • International project SEBE for the purpose of including through development and optimization new technologies and innovative measures in the area of biogas. Partially financed through the European funds for regional development of Central Europe
  • And similar projects…

The implementation of the research and development work is co-financed by the Municipality of Novo mesto.

Graduates of FINI are society's developmental potential.