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                  . Balabanič

Assist. Prof. Damjan Balabanič, PhD

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Department: Katedra za splošne predmete in ekonomsko poslovne vede; Katedra za materiale, tehnologije in proizvodnjo
Professional bodies: Academic Assembly (president), Governance board (president), Senate of the Faculty

Why FINI? »When you want to gain direct knowledge from the economy.«

Professional biography

Damjan Balabanič, PhD, received his international Ph.D. of environmental sciences. He did part of his PhD at the famous Spanish Complutense University (Complutense University of Madrid). For his doctoral work he was awarded the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (ZPPPI) and was nominated for the 13th Royal International Research Award of the Royal Institute of Iran. Damjan Balabanič, PhD, transfers his rich knowledge in the field of environmental protection and waste management to students. Damjan Balabanič, PhD, is the author of several original scientific articles that are also published in highly cited journals. He presents his research work at international as well as national and regional conferences

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level: Ecology and renewable energy:

Basic understanding of the causes and consequences of environmental pollution and basic knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources

  • I. Level: Design of Energetics Systems for Ecologic Private and Business Systems:

Students are acquainted with the problems of the design of energetics systems, specific ecological requirements and their influence on design of private and business systems.

  • Labour Safety


  • II. Level: Methods of Scientific Research





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