Damjan . ' '
                  . Balabanič

Assist. Damjan Balabanič, PhD

Office hours: By appointment via email
Tutor hours: By appointment via email

Department: Katedra za splošne predmete in ekonomsko poslovne vede (predstojnik); Katedra za naravoslovne vede, elektromehanske / mehatronske sisteme; Katedra za materiale, tehnologije in proizvodnjo
Professional bodies: Senate of the Faculty, Academic Assembly

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Professional biography

Damjan Balabanič received her Ph.D. of environmental sciences at the University of Nova Gorica. He has published numerous scientific articles and presented at international, national, and regional conferences.

Researcher activities

Aktivni raziskovalec na področju varovanja okolja.

Courses and their applicability

Basic understanding of the causes and consequences of environmental pollution and basic knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources

Students are acquainted with the problems of the design of energetics systems, specific ecological requirements and their influence on design of private and business systems.

Students learn methods of heat and mass transfer, general thermodynamic cycle process, cogeneration and trigeneration process for the production of electricity, heat and cooling energy. Understanding processes of Diesel and Otto engine.





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