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                  . Makovec

Igor Makovec, MSc, Lect.

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Department: Katedra za splošne predmete in ekonomsko poslovne vede
Professional bodies: Academic Assembly

Why FINI? »Innovation is today paradigm of organizations. Enabled is with knowledge workers«

Professional biography

Igor Makovec received his master's degree at the Faculty of Economics in the field of business and information sciences. He works at the company TPV d.o.o., Novo mesto, as principal logistics engineer. After graduating at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering he continued his professional career as a young researcher. He worked as a designer of control systems at the company in the Technology Park of the Jozef Stefan Institute. Later he spent many years as senior adviser and head of organizational units within the Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. He continued professional path as head of logistics at a company in the TPV Group. Now his work is focused on internal and external logistics planning with the emphasis on setting the company’s own logistics prices for new projects and on data analyses needed for decision-making. He is active in the field of innovation, development and business intelligence.

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level: Reeingineering and Innovation:

Students learn about and understand the importance of innovations and practice some methods of creative thinking. With the gained knowledge they should constructively participate in the innovation process.





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