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                  . Fink Grubačević

Iris Fink Grubačević, MSc, Sen. Lect.

Office hours: By appointment via email

Department: Katedra za splošne predmete in ekonomsko poslovne vede
Committees: Komisija za študijske in študentske zadeve, Komisija za kakovost in evalvacijo.
Professional bodies: Senate of the Faculty, Academic Assembly, Institute for Scientific - Research Activities

Why FINI? »Individual approach to students, commitment and development orientation.«

Professional biography

ris Fink Grubačević holds a master's degree from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in the field of pedagogy. She completed her specialization in Management in Education at the Faculty of Management in Koper. Since 2000 he has been teaching in the higher education field and since 2010 undergraduate studies. She has published a number of monographs, numerous articles and presented her work at international and national conferences. Her research interests are in the areas of: business communication, human resource management, quality management and education.

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level: Business communication and relation

Would you like to learn how to communicate effectively in the workplace? Would you like to know how important good relationships are in the workplace and how they affect the performance of the business? In this subject, we delve deeper into these areas.

  • I. Level: Marketing

In the developed world, the problem is not what to produce, but how to find customers and meet their needs. This issue is addressed by companies with a good marketing approach.





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