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Jani Zore, PhD, Lect.

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Department: Katedra za splošne predmete in ekonomsko poslovne vede
Professional bodies: Academic Assembly

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Professional biography

Jani Zore, Ph. D.; B. Sc. in Civil Engineering, graduated at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, studies programme Municipal Engineering, in 1986. In the same year he was employed at the Institute of Municipal Economic as a young researcher and enters postgraduate studies of Municipal Engineering at the same faculty. His scientific and research work was implemented in his master's thesis, which was successfully defended in 1990, and afterwards in his doctoral dissertation which was successfully defended in 1994. Data on the Diploma paper, Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation: The Diploma Paper Title: Settlements Typology of Detached Houses in Slovenia and their Spatial Urbanistic Arrangement. Date: 26. 5. 1986 Mentor: prof. Andrej Pogačnik, Ph. D. The Master's Thesis Title: Minimal Standards of Communal Supply Systems as an Instrument for Guidance of Spatial Development and Urban Planning Data: 25. 10. 1990. Mentor: prof. Albin Rakar, Ph. D. The Doctoral Dissertation Title: Multicriteria Viewpoimt of Municipal Solid Waste Management Date: 4. 10. 1994. Mentor: prof. Albin Rakar, Ph. D. Co mentor: prof. Marija Bogataj, Ph. D. Jani Zore, Ph. D., was employed at the Office for Spatial Planning of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning as the Adviser I in the Division for Spatial Plans Elements – the Infrastructure Group in 1994. In the same year he was appointed for the Advisor to the Manager and nominated to the position of the Head of the group. A year later he was appointed for the Advisor to the Government in the public utility services field and took over the duties from this field in the core ministry. In the year 2000 he was promoted into the State Undersecretary and nominated to the Environmental Division of the Environmental Office. A year later he was appointed for the Head of the Waste Management and Public Environmental Protection Service in the same division. In 2005 he was regularly employed at the Educational centre of Novo mesto – Higher Vocational College as a higher vocational college lecturer of the Communal Studies. There he also acted as a Head of Professional working group and a President of the Study Commission, while now he is a member of the Study Commission and a member of the Strategic Council. He was engaged into the preparation of plurality of professional standards, professional qualifications and knowledge catalogues for various educational programmes from the environmental and nature protection field, he was engaged into the core working group for preparation of the educational programme Environmental technician and he managed the reform of the higher vocational study programme Environmental Protection and Communal Studies.

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level:  Labour Safety:

Health is a value and gift. It needs to be protected also in any working spaces. In this point of view, work spaces on field of mechanical engineering are usually very exposed.

Make sure your occupational safety and health, learn how.



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