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                  . Žganec Gros

Prof. Jerneja Žganec Gros, PhD

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Department: Katedra za mehaniko, konstruiranje in računalniški inženiring
Professional bodies: Senate of the Faculty, Academic Assembly

Why FINI? »Efficient RTD collaboration between the academic and industrial sector.«

Professional biography

Jerneja Žganec Gros is co-founder and CEO of Alpineon, a Slovenian RTD-performing SME specializing in developing state-of-the-art speech-technology and computer vision products. She received her PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Ljubljana. She holds the Prince2 project management certificate. She is experienced in coordination of complex national and international RTD projects, such as national projects VoiceTRAN, ZEN, BMT and eBralec; over ten industrial product development projects; and three international Eureka projects. Head of research group, research supervisor to 5 PhD students. Management committee member of COST Actions IC 1106 and IC 1206. Her areas of competence include speech and image technologies, language processing, pattern recognition, biometrics, signal processing. She authored one book, co-authored five patents and more than 200 technical and scientific articles. Recipient of the Slovenian Award for Technical Innovations for Disabled Persons in 2003, and the award for Outstanding Research Achievements by the Slovenian Research Agency in 2013. Member of the winning teams of the ICB 2013 international biometric competition on speaker and face recognition. Recipient of the Slovenian Ambassador of Privacy award in 2014 for best practices in privacy protection.

Courses and their applicability

The course introduces state-of-the-art image acquisition and processing techniques needed when designing intelligent systems that require complex environment perception. Security systems, robots, driver assistance systems – how do they acquire images from the environment? How do they extract useful information from these images? How do intelligent systems interact with the user?




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