Marica . ' '
                  . Prijanovič Tonkovič

Assist. Prof. Marica Prijanovič Tonkovič, PhD

Office hours: By appointment via email

Department: Katedra za materiale, tehnologije in proizvodnjo (predstojnik)
Committees: Committee for Promotions
Professional bodies: Academic Assembly

Why FINI? »Collaboration and innovation with a special focus on an individualized and student-centered approach.«

Professional biography

Marica Prijanovič Tonkovič graduated (1983), master's degree (1989) and doctorate (1999) at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Department of Materials and Metallurgy, University of Ljubljana. Her research interests are in the area of Materials e-learning, and quality in education.

Researcher activities

In the area of engineering materials.

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level: Materials:

The course materials student learns metallic and non-metallic materials. Moreover, they realize the composite materials that are widely used today. They said materials are very important in the automotive industry.

  • II. Level: Advanced materialsd evelopment





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