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Assoc. Prof. Sašo Murtič, PhD

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Department: Katedra za splošne predmete in ekonomsko poslovne vede
Professional bodies: Academic Assembly
Habilitation field: Professional practice is carried out in study program in suitable economic or non-economic organization, where student faces the challenge, activity or project in connection with his work in the organization.

Why FINI? »Cooperation and innovation, with special emphasis on an individual approach to students and their expectations. Introducing students in the logistics and logistics processes, meet industry, transport and MMLC.«

Professional biography

Assistant Professor Doctor Sašo MURTIČ as a full-time student in 1995, finished his studies in the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb and acquired the title of a university degree in law. In 2002 at the same Faculty, Department of Public Administration, a master's degree and she acquired the title of Master of Laws. In 2012, at the Faculty of Applied Social Studies in Nova Gorica passed doctoral studies and defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Modern paradigm of inter-organizational control logistic processes" and acquired the title of Doctor of Science in Sociology. In His career he has carried out a number of managers and executives work with in the public administration, he was a director of various departments, the director of the municipal administration of the Municipality of Novo mesto and Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure, which led directly to the Minister demanding logistics projects. In 2004 he was elected lecturer and then senior lecturer in the field of law and in 2016 was elected assistant professor in the field of logistics. He has taught at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security Studies, Faculty of Logistics and Faculty of Tourism, all three faculties of the University of Maribor. Now he teaches at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, a new city, namely in courses on Logistics and Logistics processes.

Researcher activities

In the course of his work he participated and organized numerous scientific and professional conferences with their own contributions, he published numerous professional and scientific papers, and in the context of its work a number of mentoring students in preparing thet hes is. His posts are shown in COBISS.

Other activities, projects

In the context of logistics and logistics processes to the needs of the Ministry of Infrastructure Slovenia led the construction of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, NSP airport Portoroz, NSP airport Ljubljana airportand NSP for Maribor airport. He has also OPN reception of the Municipality of Novo mesto.

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level: Logistics
  • II. Stopnja: Development of logistics processes

Logistics and logistics processes were developed in the early time of development of trade in goods and trade. Their use fulness is now so large and extensive that it requires a specific approach for scientific and practical interest. Contains development concepts, division of areas and processes, explains the importance of developing MMLC and connecting infrastructure and managecost-path manipulation goods and processes linked to transport and care. The course enables students to learn the basics of economic operation in industry, transport, distribution of goods and supply of the population.

The acquired knowledge student use in industry, automotive industry, transport, infrastructure and processes necessary for the preparation and transportation of goods and the wider social environment.



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