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Assist. Prof. Tomaž Aljaž, PhD

Office hours: By appointment via email

Department: Katedra za mehaniko, konstruiranje in računalniški inženiring
Professional bodies: Academic Assembly

Why FINI? »The opportunity to use profesional experiance and influence to change mandset of the students using inovative approaches.«

Professional biography

Dr. Tomaz Aljaz is involved in managing IT projects focusing to managing projects, improve performance of project team, establishing and maintaining optimal use of resources and reducing operating risks. Prior experiences are related to R&D environment working as Resource, Project and product manager, as well as Solution manager. He has published many articles on information technology and telecommunication area, resource management, project management and process improvements using Theory of Constraints and other Agile methodologies. He holds Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering and Computer Science Maribor and finish courses related to Constraint Management at Washington State University, USA. Dr. Aljaž has taught at graduate and post graduate level more than 8 years topic related to performance improvements of organizations, project management, information technology and telecommunication. In 2014 he taught course related to Constraint Management at Washington State University where is it involved as student assistant. Dr. Aljaž received in 2014 Jonah certificate, recognized by Theory Of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO).

Researcher activities

With participation and gather knowledge you will be able to plan project more efficiently, shorten and stabilazi results of the work. Also you will reduce inventory and improve time needed to adapt to chaning business environment. Finally, the neverending cycle of improvemnts will become everyday work and improvements on the company level.

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level: Methodology of Project Work:
  • I. Level: Information and Communication Technology





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