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                  . Savšek

Assist. Prof. Tomaž Savšek, PhD

Office hours: By appointment via email
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Department: Katedra za mehaniko, konstruiranje in računalniški inženiring
Professional bodies: Senate of the Faculty, Academic Assembly

Professional biography

Dr. Tomaž SAVŠEK has a BS (1989), an MS (1992), and a Ph.D. (1998) in electro technical science from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He was a Research Engineer at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Ljubljana from 1989 to 1992. Since 1992, he headed a project team for the development of a combat simulation system and simulation center of the Slovenian Armed Forces. He also headed a Centre for Operations Research and Simulations. He has also Certificate of Senior International Defense Management Course from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA. Since 2006, he was Assistant General Manager in TPV (, responsible for the research and development projects. Since 2020, he is the owner and CEO of company TIGUS.

Researcher activities

Computer signal processing, fuzzy sets theory, computer decision support systems, simulation systems, operations research, strategic resource management, research and development projects in the automotive industry.

Other activities, projects

2002-2006, head of the research program CRP MIR and technology program TP MIR; 2007-2012, member of the Expert Council of the University and Research Centre Novo mesto; 2008-2010, member of the Expert Council Technology Agency TIA; 2008- 2020, member of the Regional Development Council of Southeast Slovenia; 2010-2014, President of the Interest Association of Slovenian development initiatives; 2010-14 and 2016-, senate member at FINI, 2012-2014 vice-dean for education at the FINI; 2012- 2019, member of the Management Board Slovenian Research Agency; 2012- Member of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering; 2015-2018, member of the strategic group Slovenia 5.0 at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

Courses and their applicability

  • I. Level: Automotive:

Understanding the role and functioning of the main components of the vehicle as well as an overview of development trends vehicles.

  • I. Level: Automotive and future technologies

Getting to know the trends of development of road transport and future vehicles and technologies.

  • Methods of products development, development processes and innovation

Planning, management and control of product development and processes

  • II. Level: Information and electronic control systems in vehicles

Gain insight into current development of information and lectronic control systems in cars.

Gain knowledge of certain special methods of system approach, to upgrade the knowledge of system theory required for the development and management of modern systems in engineering practice.

Gain knowledge of certain special methods of artificial intelligence, to upgrade the knowledge required for the development and management of intelligent systems in engineering practice.

Students learn about supply chains design problems and about supply chains management on strategical and tactical level.





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