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Profesor dr. Matej DANIEL, vodja Biomehaničnega oddelka na Tehnični univerzi v Pragi

Additive manufacturing and implantable medical devices

The medical industry is already one of the largest users of additive manufacturing also denoted as 3D printing. New additive manufacturing methods allow engineers to create more anatomically-accurate devices requiring designs that are difficult to produce with traditional subtractive methods.  The aim of the lecture is to explain basics of additive manufacturing and focus on current state-of-art and limitations of the technology. Direct metal laser sintering will be presented as a method for orthopaedic device production from biocompatible titanium alloys. New techniques significantly reduce product development timelines and allow to create implants that closely mimic shape of natural bone. Furthermore. The implants can be made with complex porous designs that fuse more easily with other bone structures.

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