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Zasl. prof. dr. Dorian Marjanović

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Strokovna biografija

Dorian has been at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture since 1978. Before joining Design Department in 1984, he gathered engineering experience at Quality Management department and Design office (1970-1975) at SILA-RAPID Company and Computing Centre of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (1978-1984). He led the Chair of Design and Product Development at Design Department from 1996 until 2016. A complement to research work and engineering projects Dorian Marjanović is involved in teaching on undergraduate, master and PhD studies. Currently, he is teaching courses: Introduction to Engineering, Product Development, Design Theory and Innovation Management in Product Development. He also runs international teleconferencing course "European global product realisation course - EGPR" since y. 2003 in cooperation with TU Delft, Univerza v Ljubljani, EPFL Lausanne City University London and University of Budapest. Since 1998 he is responsible for DESIGN conference He was the member of Editorial Boards of Journal of Engineering Design, MMA and International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation. The Institute of Engineering Designers (UK) acknowledged his contribution to engineering design research awarding him with "The Hills Millennium Award" for the year 2012. Currently, he is serving as President of The Design Society, a worldwide community.

Raziskovalna dejavnost

The research interests moved from CAD, CAE application in engineering design in 70ties and early eighties to a broader field of product development. His recent research and scholarly interests cover multidisciplinary intersections of design science, product development, knowledge management and innovation management; Product development and design management; Knowledge and collaboration, Design methods and support tools for product development.

Druge dejavnosti, projekti

Dorian worked in activities of EU Group on Innovation organised by KTH, TUM and EDC Cambridge. He was running research projects “Models of Intelligent Computer Aided Design System” (1996-2001), “Models and Methods of Advanced Computer Support to Product Development” (2002-2006) and “Models and Methods of Knowledge Management in Product Development” (2007-2013).

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