The mission of Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto is to implement innovative study programmes that meet the needs of economic and non-economic sector in the field of demanding technical processes in national and European environment. The results of research and professional work are constantly being transferred to educational process and practice. Thus, with the transfer of our own and global knowledge the progress of society is ensured. The work is dedicated to high quality and freedom of creativity.


The vision of Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto is to develop into acknowledged and recognizable higher education institution in the field of technical studies with the aim to develop professional field and permanent development of local and wider environment. The vision is to achieve high quality pedagogic, scientific-research and professional work, constant improvements of educational and academic staff structure and graduate knowledge, development of innovative and internationally-comparable study and research programmes and constant international cooperation with global educational and research institutions. The faculty with constantly adjust pedagogic and scientific contents to the needs of economic and non-economic sector and help to ensure the competitiveness companies.


The work of Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto is based on the following values:

  • Excellence and development orientation
  • Competitiveness, flexibility and responsiveness
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Academic freedom
  • Cooperation
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Autonomy
  • Trust


Graduates of FINI are society’s developmental potential

Strategic directions

  1. Study excellence
  2. Scientific research and development excellence
  3. Business excellence
  4. Internationalization of research and educational activities
  5. Socially and environmentally responsible operation

Taken from the Strategija FINI 2020-2024

Graduates of FINI are society's developmental potential.