The European programme of cooperation in the field of tertiary education offers students to do part of their studies or practical training in one of participant countries. This is only possible for the students whose school is a part of Erasmus programme and thus has acquired Erasmus University Charter. Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto is currently in the process of acquiring the Erasmus University Charter since one of its aims is to be even more active in international cooperation. The Erasmus University Charter will provide the possibility for international exchange with foreign higher-education institutions in the field of practice, teaching and training for the students and staff.

In the future all up-to-date news and interesting information concerning mobility of students and staff will be available on this website.

Further information on how to take part in international cooperation are available in Office for International Cooperation.

Office for International Cooperation

Office for international cooperation is responsible for:

  • acquiring EUC,
  • making contracts and bilateral agreements,
  • enrolment to annual tender for mobility and for release of internal tender,
  • informing students on mobility possibilities,
  • selecting candidates on the basis of internal tender,
  • refunding expenses for staff mobility,
  • preparing intermediate and final reports on mobility implementation,
  • preparing of necessary documentation of mobility implementation,
  • organising language courses,
  • mentoring,
  • helping students with visas and insurance,
  • helping students with accommodation,
  • paying out financial help to students,
  • evaluation.

Student Affairs Office

Telephone: +386 7 39 32 206

Language Courses

By means of a public procurement procedure, the Ministry of the Interior selected the performers of free Slovenian language courses that also include the contents on the knowledge of the Slovenian society. The programme is titled “Initial Integration of Immigrants”.

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