1. Other students (International Student Admissions): If you would like to apply directly to the Faculty of Industrial Engineering in Novo mesto (NB: not as an exchange student), please click here.
  2. Erasmus + students (OUTGOING): See FINI’s Slovenian page for more information on applying for student mobility to one of our partner institutions. Click here
  3. Erasmus + students (INCOMING): You can apply to the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto as an exchange student if your home institution is a partner institute of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering in Novo mesto. See below.

For scholarship opportunities within Europe, please visit Study in Europe or Scholarship portal. Alternatively, you might want to consult the Grants Register that is published every year by Palgrave Macmillan (a comprehensive guide to postgraduate and professional funding worldwide).



  1. Your home university/faculty should first nominate you to the Faculty of Industrial Engineering. The nominations should be sent via email to: fini-unm (at)
  2. After your home university/Faculty has nominated you to study as an exchange student, you should complete and submit theApplication form (attached here). There is no need to send a paper copy of the application; it is enough to send it signed and scanned.
  3. After we have received your application and your host department has approved your application, we will send you a signedLearning Agreement and information on living and studying in Novo mesto.


Deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • May 15 (Winter semester or whole academic year)
  • November 15 (Spring/Summer semester)


When travelling to FINI, do not forget to take the following documents:

  • your Personal ID Card or Passport (necessary for students from non-EU countries)
  • medical insurance (before departing for Slovenia check whether there is any agreement with Slovenia regarding free health services, etc.)
  • proof of your Erasmus status indicating the length of your stay
  • Application Form (AF) and Learning Agreement (LA) duly signed and stamped by you and coordinators at your Home University.


Student – Mentor

Each Erasmus student will have a mentor assigned. A mentor is a student – volunteer, who helps you to organize practical aspects of your stay in Novo mesto, especially in the very beginning. The student mentor will contact you by e-mail before your arrival. The student mentor can help you with your transition to Novo mesto, Slovenia.

Slovenian language courses

There is a Slovenian language course for Erasmus students organized by a private language school. There are no summer courses. We recommend Yurena Language School in Novo mesto.


There are two most affordable types of accommodation in Novo mesto. The Student Dorm Novo mesto was recently renovated and offers double beds and apartments and also provides a Youth Hostel. The Student Dormitories are right across the street from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering.

Student Dorm Novo mesto (& Youth Hostel) Information & Price List Form 

A walking distance of about 20 minutes from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering is Hostel Situla. More information can be found here:

Hostel Situla Information with prices

Internet access

The Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto offers free Internet service for all students using Eduroam. Access to the service can differ. You are kindly requested to ask about internet access as soon as you arrive.

Subsidised student meals

  • All students with student card are entitled to subsidized meals in most restaurants around Novo mesto.
  • Each student can use as many subsidies as there are working days in a month (app.20 per month). 
  • To be able to use these subsidies, you need to have a student card or your enrolment certificate, your ID/passport and your mobile phone (with Slovenian SIM card). 
  • Here you can find the pricelists of students meal in Novo mesto: Students food

Student card

All exchange students of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering will receive a statement of student status or upon request and a small fee a STUDENT CARD.

Grading System

Description of the institutional grading system:

10excellent91 % – 100 %
9very good81 % – 90 %
8very good71 % – 80 %
7good61 % – 70 %
6sufficient51 % – 60 %
1 to 5failless than 51 %

ECTS credits: 1 full academic year = 60 credits; 1 semester = 30 credits

Graduates of FINI are society's developmental potential.