Lecture: Challenges of Digital Transformation

The lecture describes the trends and challenges of digital transformation as well as their impact on behavior and actions of managers and employees. Also, it provides ideas, solutions, and proposals for understanding and implementing digital acceleration in business and society. Surrounded by inflation, war in Ukraine, depression, lack of energy and motivation, both managers and employees are in search of ways and means to motivate themselves and others and develop a more successful, positive, and future-oriented organizational culture, focusing on digital innovation. The presentation is based on the author’s latest book “EmpowerUs: From Crisis to Strategic Harmony”, published in the USA with a foreword by Philip Kotler, “the father of modern marketing”.


Speaker: Velimir Srića is a scientist and consultant in leadership, change management and digital transformation. He earned the MBA from Columbia University in New York and a doctorate in management. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, visiting professor in Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai and in Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubai, and Montenegro. He was a member of the Croatian government and President of the Zagreb Assembly. He is a consultant to numerous regional and global companies, a World Bank expert on change management and a member of the Club of Rome. He has published 96 books and over 400 scientific and professional papers.


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