Women in Science Webinar

We kindly invite you to the webinar Women’s in Science.

The Webinar will take place on the 8th of March 2021 through the zoom platform at 10:00-12:30 CET.

During the event, five distinguished women scientists and one man from Denmark, France, Slovenia, Spain , Israel and Greece will discuss with the audience their ideas to improve gender balance within STEM.

The speakers are the following:


  1. Dr. Nava Shaked, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel 
  2. Dr. Eva Triantafylou, Associate Professor in Aalborg University, Denmark 
  3. Dr. Anne Delouis, Vice-Rector in University of Orleans, France 
  4. Dr. Tatjana Welzer Druzovec, Professor at University of Maribor, Slovenia 
  5. Dr. Katerina Chatzaki, Professor in University of Democritus & HMU Research Center, Greece
  6. Dr. Loren Escot, Professor in UCM Spain 

If you wish to participate in  this Webinar please register in the following link  : http://forms.gle/cwDGtN35Steq23AV8

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