The Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto has been intensively strengthening its scientific research activity since 2016 by implementing new research and development projects, establishing a strong international network with top researchers and recognized institutions, cooperating with the local industry and introducing students to scientific research work at the faculty.

We have formed a strong research group that works at the faculty within the Institute for Scientific Research, which is headed by Prof. Julius Kaplunov, in collaboration with researchers from Keele University, UK (Prof. Graham Rogerson, Dr. Danilo Prikazchikov, Dr. Ludmila Prikazchikov) and researchers from FINI Novo mesto. We pay special attention to applied research in collaboration with the local industry and the integration of cutting-edge academic knowledge with development challenges in companies in the Dolenjska region, e.g. TPV d.o.o. and SiEVA d.o.o. In the past, we have implemented several workshops, seminars, lectures and scientific conferences with the aim of transferring specific basic academic knowledge to the world of engineering and developing new approaches for innovative sustainable development solutions.

Active collaboration between our research team and engineering partners enables us to jointly formulate new research and development challenges, which will be addressed by introducing top-level fundamental and empirical knowledge in the interdisciplinary fields, required to improve the functionality of products and technologies.

The implementation of the research and development work is co-financed by the Municipality of Novo mesto.

Graduates of FINI are society's developmental potential.