The Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto is registered in the records of research institutes and organizations of the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia under number 3069 (Decision No. 6314-107-2010 / 4 of 28 March 2011). Faculty implements research and development activities within the internal organizational unit of the Institute for Scientific Research.

FINI’s scientific research is based on the following principles:

  • systematically developing and refining approaches to research / development and experimental activities,
  • professional development in the field of engineering, natural sciences and social sciences,
  • ensuring the personal development of researchers in order to achieve continuous improvement of individual research / development activity and experimental development,
  • implementation of research / development activities and experimental development within the framework of international, national and market projects for the needs of economy and non-economy,
  • organizing and conducting all forms of scientific and professional meetings,
  • directing the promotion and publication of research / development and experimental results.

Head of the Institute: Prof. Julius Kaplunov, PhD

Contact details:

Prof. Julius Kaplunov, Phd

Graduates of FINI are society's developmental potential.