Webinars of guest lecturers from University of DUNAÚJVÁROS

Kindly invited to following guest lecturers. The speakers commes from the University of Dunaújváros. Dr. Miklós Horváth is the Director of the Institute of Engineering Sciences and Mr. Tamás Zahola is a teacher of the Institute of Engineering Sciences.

Topics of the webinars are:

Monday, 24. 1. 2022, at 16.30 CET – dr. Horváth Miklós: University of Dunaújváros

  • short introduction of of University of Dunaújváros (UOD)
  • Structure and educational programs of the university
  • Erasmus projects and International relations
  • Introduction of Institute of engineering: educational programs in english, research projects and labor infrastucture

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Tuesday, 25. 1. 2022, 16.30 CET – dr. Horváth Miklós: Research activity of Institute of Engineering in the University of Dunaújváros

  • material sciences research
  • mechanical engineering research topics
  • electrostatic technologies
  • environmental protection related research topics

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Wednesday, 26. 1. 2022. ob 16.30 CET – Tamás Zahola, Lect.: Introduction to the theory of gears

  • Overview of gear drives
    • nomeclature, features of gears
    • elementary kinematics of gears
  • Geometrical properties of gear drives
    • the theorem of profile normals
    • the contact curve and the counterprofile

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Thursday, 27. 1. 2022. ob 16.30 CET – Tamás Zahola, Lect.: Introduction to the theory of gears

  • The involute tooth profile
    • straight contact line, involute tooth profile
    • the involute curve
    • the base profile (the involute rack)
    • the module, the pitch line, the pitch circle
  • Limitations of the involute teething
    • undercutting
    • applying profile shift to avoid undercutting
    • tooth-tip pointing

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